Solid roofs provide a simple solution to transforming your conservatory into a room you can utilise and enjoy all year round. A highly insulated, lightweight timber solution are designed to be used for a new sunroom or as a roof replacement to an existing conservatories. Our solid roofs provide year-round comfort to enhance the enjoyment of your conservatory.

Excellent thermal performance with a u-value of 0.18 meaning it is ideal for both winter and summer months

Compliant with current Building Regulation for structural and thermal performance

Reduced noise


Less likely to condensate

5 x more energy efficient than traditional glazed conservatories resulting in reduced energy bills

Why do you need a solid roof?

Our solid roofs provide year-round comfort to enhance the enjoyment of your conservatory. Not only will it keep your room cosy and warm in the winter but also cool and comfortable in the summer. For those rainy days it will also reduce the noise generated by rain.

Privacy is also a benefit and with additional covering it can prevent neighbours seeing into your personal space. Wood outperforms aluminium or steel for thermal efficiency because it is not a thermal conductor, so therefore our roofs are less likely to condensate and will be at least 5 times more energy efficient than traditional glazed conservatory roofs, resulting in reduced energy bills.

10 Years' Manufacturer's Warranty

Along with a 10 years's manufactruer's gurantee for your peace of mind all our roofs can be personalised inside and out. Internally the roof can be plastered or cladded with timber and PVC. Roof vents are also available to add more light and ventilation. This all comes with a 10-year guarantee along with a slimline wooden frame design, lacquer coating and toughened outer glass.

Externally you can choose from a range of coloured lightweight tiles and slates from Metrotile and Tapco, both of which have BBA accreditation, weatherproof performance and a guarantee against corrosion, warping, fading and cracking.

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